Senator Lou D’Allesandro is fighting to keep New Hampshire on top!

Economic Development and Job Creation
Economic recovery and job creation have been the core tenets of my life in public service. The people of New Hampshire are hard working and we have been on the leading edge of many technological and manufacturing innovations. I want to ensure that we continue to bring high quality jobs into New Hampshire and to do this we need to continue to produce a high quality, well educated workforce and to maintain a welcoming business environment.

Education is key to ensuring that New Hampshire remains at the forefront for the future.  Ensuring that our state provides a high quality basic education for all our children is essential. I support access for all children to early learning and I want to continue to support our public schools so that they are the envy of our neighbors. Basic education in isolation is not enough to thrive in the new economy. Basic education must be augmented by affordable continuing education.  This will be necessary to remain relevant for the long-term. I have supported and will continue to support funding for the NH Community College System and the University of New Hampshire to further this cause.

Growing our Economy
We must, however, look further and be even more creative to continue to lead in this 21st century economy. Specific targeted technical education offerings, partnerships with emerging technology players will only increase the numbers of our citizens who benefit from our continued growth.

We must also support the influx of new industries into New Hampshire. I have and will continue to support the introduction of formal gaming into New Hampshire. 

Our state has much to offer and continuing to invest in high quality education and supporting new industry will keep New Hampshire moving in the right direction.